Kevin Plattret
The Little Big Things: A Young Man's Belief That Every Day Can Be a Good Day, by Henry Fraser

The Little Big Things: A Young Man's Belief That Every Day Can Be a Good Day

Henry Fraser

Henry Fraser's story is a poignant one. At first it sounds like a terrible dream, a misadventure that could happen to anyone and should happen to no one. A kind of event that one couldn't possibly prevent without living a dull life as a consequence. His account of the life-changing accident he and his family went through felt both astonishing and humbling to me. A life lesson.

I thought: If I wake up and can walk, I will never take anything for granted, ever again.

ā€“ Henry Fraser, The Little Big Things

I don't want to take things for granted, and certainly not my mobility, but I often do. Privileges come in all shapes and sizes, something important to remind ourselves of frequently. Not to cultivate a sense of guilt, because there should be none, but rather to improve our awareness, our empathy, and with mobility in particular, to encourage ourselves to treasure it.

Growing up as a teenager has its own set of challenges, but navigating such a disruptive life event at the same time must have such a profound impact on oneself. While it appears evident in the book that Henry received unconditional love and support from his family, his sudden disability inevitably forced him to grow into a responsible adult a lot faster than most people. This maturity transpires throughout the book, along with an optimistic and determined personality, with a positive outlook on life that feels highly contagious.

Discovering The Little Big Things in the West End last year was, as J.K. Rowling puts it, "truly inspirational". Reading it from the man himself felt even more authentic if possible. Here is a book I will know to reach for in those times when life seems to get a little too complicated.