Unicorn Hunt

A magical beast of a job board and 3beards’ answer to the increasing need for talent in startups. Unicorn Hunt was built within a few months by the talented Stef Lewandowski and launched in January 2015. Since then I’ve been in charge of maintaining it and building further functionality.


The 3beards website is a hub for the startup enthusiast and the startup curious. It gathers upcoming community events, stories and news, job ads and office space available for hire. It’s also the first Ruby on Rails application I built from scratch, with Michael Hobson on the design.

Hackathon Wiki

At 3beards we used to organise hackathon events. I built this quick Ruby on Rails app that allowed us to communicate various information to the participants and let them submit and document their hacks in one place. A very simple tool functionality wise, with a minimalist design.

Other projects

Servieres Consulting – a London based consultancy for the travel and tourism industry. Powered by WordPress, it’s available in both English and French with a bespoke functionality. Design by Aric Arthur.

Mind Candy – I was lucky enough to build the new corporate website of the entertainment company behind Moshi Monsters, World of Warriors and other famous brands. Design by Michael Hobson.