Kevin Plattret


TrueLayer 2020–present

I first heard about open banking in 2020, which was a little late considering that the first game-changing regulations were adopted by the European Parliament back in 2015. I was quickly convinced. I could see how such a move would shake things up and considerably help change the way we interact with money for the better.

In my first year at TrueLayer, I worked on the data APIs. By leveraging bank account data and machine learning techniques, we created powerful products such as affordability insights, transaction classification and account verification.

Then I decided to move back to working on payments. I built a team to focus on solving the challenge of non-instant bank transfers in the Single Euro Payments Area. We designed a system that allows to mitigate the risks associated with payments not succeeding, while preserving a great user experience as much as possible. Part of that work is also to ensure that all the payments we facilitate are compliant with the various financial regulations. Replacing payment cards is quite a bold mission, but it's a fun one too!

Deliveroo 2016–2019

During my three and a half years at Deliveroo, I worked on a wide range of challenges across several different teams. Most of those revolved around improving the user experience for customers, riders, restaurants and internal teams alike.

The first large project I worked on after joining, was creating the administration dashboard for Deliveroo for Work. It allows corporate customers to manage their account, from employee allowance groups to large group orders, including monthly billing.

Later, I spent a couple of years focusing on making the delivery network more resilient. My team and I built a real-time monitoring system, which we designed to automatically detect anomalies across all live orders on the network. We then implemented a set of actions that would trigger whenever an issue occurred, to try and fix it, otherwise surfacing it up onto a dashboard for operation teams to investigate further. This system was later integrated into the internal customer service tools.

In my final year at the company, I joined the Rider Payments team where we implemented a feature to allow riders to get paid when they want and as quickly as possible. We also built the foundations for a rewards system, to help the business incentivise and recognise riders for their loyalty.

3beards 2013–2016

When I joined the 3beards in 2013, I knew I was in for something different, but I certainly didn't expect the tremendous adventure it turned out to be. One I could never forget in a lifetime.

3beards was many great things and one of them was our online platform, where the startup community could get updates on our various events, find office space or even hire talent. During my time at the company, I was in charge of building and maintaining our applications, as well as managing our technical partnerships.

As a natural extension of our offline gatherings and events, we later built Unicorn Hunt, which we launched in January 2015. A job board for startups and our answer to the ever increasing need for talent. Unicorn Hunt was acquired by Tiny Capital in late 2017.

I spent 1000 days at 3beards and they were all quite special.

Top Left Design 2011–2013

Every career starts somewhere and mine did at Top Left Design, a web design studio based in the heart of Soho in London, UK.

As an intern first and then as one of the very first in-house web developers, I worked alongside a team of talented designers to create bespoke websites for a large variety of clients.

There I learned about the WordPress content management system in great depth, and how to translate a business need into an elegant and ergonomic solution. I also gained more experience in project management and discovered new design concepts along the way.